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Accessible From Any Computer, Cell Phone or Tablet with Internet Access
No Ads of Any Kind. Includes Strong Spam, Virus & Fraud Protection
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Email Address Store is the one-stop shop for all your email address services.

Personal or business email address hosting Create and own your personal, professional or business email address like these examples:


    No website needed! - No ads of any kind!
    Never change your email address again.

    It's very easy to obtain a new professional, personalized email address:
    register the "@TheNameYouWant" part of your email address... this is known as registering a "domain name" - We charge $8.99 for a .COM domain name. If you already have a domain name, then you only need to purchase your desired email plan.
    Select the email plan (Personal, Business or Unlimited Business) that best suites your needs.

      3) To see if the domain name you want to use for the @DomainName part of your email address is available, use the Domain Registration Search form below.
    It's only $8.99 for a .COM domain name
    Many other extensions (DomainName.extension like DomainName.Store) are available.
    You can review the dropdown list below to see the most popular domain name extensions.

    Domain Registration Search

    If you already have a domain name, you can skip this step and go straight to ordering the email plan that best meets your needs.

    Our custom, personalized, advertising-free email address plans include spam, virus, & fraud protection plus numerous other free features such as web mail, email forwarding, autoresponders, online calendar and online file storage.

    Your email can be accessed from anywhere via any computer, cell phone or tablet with internet access. Web mail provides access to your email via your internet browser or use an email program such as Outlook, Apple Mail, Gmail, Thunderbird, etc.

    If you already own a domain name, you can either transfer it to us or you can purchase one of the email plans to use with it.

    Your ad-free email account can be accessed from anywhere, on any computer, cell phone or tablet with internet access; and includes:
    • 1GB (1,000MB) to unlimited storage depending on the email plan you purchase
    • Webmail - access your email account using your internet browser
    • Use with your computer, cell phone or tablet - all you need is internet connectivity
    • POP3 email - access your email using Outlook, Thunderbird or other email client
    • IMAP synchronized email available with Unlimited Business Plan
    • Virus protection
    • Spam protection
    • Phishing fraud protection
    • SMTP relaying
    • AutoResponder
    • 100 email forwarding addresses
    • No ads!
    • Online calendar to keep track of activities, events and important dates
    • Online file folder to store, access, transfer, and synchronize files directly from your desktop or FTP client
    • And More!

    Here are links to some useful resources relating to personalized email accounts:

    A personalized email address is extremely versatile. You can:

    • send and receive email messages with your favorite email client program such as Outlook Express, Outlook, Thunderbird, Netscape, Eudora, etc
    • send and receive email by web mail - our internet-based email program whereby you use your computer's internet web browser to send and receive your messages
    • send and receive email by Mobile Mail - our internet based email program designed to be used with the internet browser on your cell phone or tablet
    • set your email account to store messages
    • set your email account to forward messages to another email address
    • set your email account as a "catch-all" which will receive any email sent to "anyname"@YourEmailAddress
    • set-up an auto-responder which automatically sends a standard reply message you create (like: "I'm out of the office this week. I'll reply to your email when I return next week.") in response to all incoming messages

    A unique, customized email address created with your personal domain name adds a level of professionalism.
    An email address such as or or is distinctive... it's professional, and it's exclusively yours. Don't forget -- you don't need a Website to setup a custom email address that uses @TheNameYouWant. Just register the domain name to get @TheNameYouWant.

    Personal Email Address
    1 mailbox
    1GB of storage
    1 year: $24.00
    3 years: $20.00/year
    5 years: $18.00/year

    Business Email Plan
    5 email addresses
    2GB storage
    1 year: $48.00
    3 years: $39.00/year
    5 years: $36.00/year

    Business Email Plan

    5 email addresses
    unlimited storage
    1 year: $64.00
    3 years: $53.00/year
    5 years: $48.00/year

    You create it... you own it!

    Access From Anywhere
    Use any computer, cell phone or tablet with internet access

    Advertising Free
    No ads of any kind

    Protection Included
    Spam, Virus & Phishing Fraud Protection

    Other Features Included
    Web Mail
    Email forwarding
    Email autresponder
    Online calendar
    Online file storage

    Private Registration Available
    Conceals your personal identity, protects you from spam, scams and prying eyes.

    At Email Address Store .com FREE sales and technical support is available 24/7

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