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Initial Email Account Setup in Email Control Center
Once you purchase an email plan to use with your domain name, you need to setup and customize your email address(es) and mailbox. Your new email account should be ready to use within 90 minutes of setup.

NOTE: If you purchased an email plan with multiple mailboxes/addresses and would like to set up several email addresses at one time, see Setting Up Multiple Email Addresses in your Email Account.

To Setup an Email Address

  1. Go to

  2. Log in to your Account Manager.

  3. In the My Products section, click Email.

  4. To use a free email credit when the Email option does not display in your My Products section, click Free Products, click Email Account List, click Use Credit, select the domain you want to use from the list, and then click Continue. The account displays as a new account in the Email Account list.

  5. Click Manage Account for the email account you want to manage.

  6. If an option to add addresses or view all email plans displays, click View All.

  7. Click Add for the plan to which you want to add an email address. The Add Email page displays.

  8. In the Add Email section, select whether you are using a domain registered or hosted with us or a domain registered or hosted elsewhere, and then in the Email Address field, enter the first part of the email address that you want to create and specify the domain.

  9. In the Password and Confirm Password fields, enter your password.

  10. Use the following fields to finish customizing and setting up your email address:

    • Incoming Box Size
      Specify the amount of storage space within your account to allot to this email address.

    • Related Products
      If you have a Calendar account, specify whether you want to set up the email address.

    • Forward Carbon Copy
      Enter the email address to which you want message copies sent. Separate multiple addresses with a comma.

    • Incoming Mail Settings, Make Catchall Account option
      Automatically forwards email messages sent to an unknown address at your domain to this account.

    • Incoming Mail Settings, Enable spam filtering for this account
      Enables our state-of-the-art spam filter.

    • SMTP Relaying
      Select the maximum number of relays you want to send per day.

  11. To set an automatic response to send to email addresses from which you received email messages, complete the following:

    • Set Auto-Responder
      Enables the automatic response feature.

    • Auto-Responder message
      Enter the message you want to automatically send to email addresses from which you received email messages.

    • From Name
      The name you want to display as the sender of the email message.

    • Message Subject
      The subject you want to use in the email message.

    • Start Time
      The date and time on which you want to start sending automatic email responses.

    • End Time
      The date and time on which you want to stop sending automatic email responses.

  12. Click OK.
Personal Email Address
1 mailbox
1GB of storage
1 year: $24.00
3 years: $20.00/year
5 years: $18.00/year

Business Email Plan
5 email addresses
2GB storage
1 year: $48.00
3 years: $39.00/year
5 years: $36.00/year

Business Email Plan

5 email addresses
unlimited storage
1 year: $64.00
3 years: $53.00/year
5 years: $48.00/year

You create it... you own it!

Access From Anywhere
Use any computer, cell phone or tablet with internet access

Advertising Free
No ads of any kind

Protection Included
Spam, Virus & Phishing Fraud Protection

Other Features Included
Web Mail
Email forwarding
Email autresponder
Online calendar
Online file storage

Private Registration Available
Conceals your personal identity, protects you from spam, scams and prying eyes.

At Email Address Store .com FREE sales and technical support is available 24/7

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